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Amiga mice can sometimes be difficult to be find. They are direct-switch and don't use any sort of protocol like PS/2/USB/ADB mice do. However, many ancient DOS machines used the Logitech Bus/Microsoft InPort standard, which is electrically identical to what the Amiga used. Only the pinout is different.

Signal Amiga PinLogitech Bus Mouse Pin
+5V 7 1
GND 8 9
H-Pulse/X2/XA 2 2
HQ-Pulse/X1/XB 4 3
V-Pulse/Y1/YA 1 4
VQ-Pulse/Y2/YB 3 5
Left Mouse Button 6 6
Middle Mouse Button5 7
Right Mouse Button 9 8

Amiga connector:

Logitech Bus Mouse connector:

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