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X68000 XVI Compact

X68000XVICompact was released in April 1992. The X68000XVI “Down Sizing” and dubbed it, has emerged is equipped with a 3.5-inch FDD replace the previous 5-inch FDD.

Exterior color is pale gray less XVI (?) Of color (not painted this color, background color of the plastic that is to say), and X68000 logo is shaped like a simple white.

Front Back side

Keyboard becomes an abbreviation for the dedicated numeric keypad Compact, which turned out to be appropriate to compact.

X68000 XVI Compact Specifications
Model number CZ-674C-H (Gray)
CPU 68000 (16/10MHz)
Character Generator 768KB
16 × 16 dots, 24 × 24 dot-byte (Kanji Level 2 first / JIS)
8 × 16 dots, 8 × 8 12 × 24 dot en dot, dot square 12 × 12 1 / 4
RAM Main memory 2MB (12MB max)
For text VRAM 512KB (bitmapped).
VRAM 512KB for graphics (bitmapped).
For sprite VRAM 32KB
Static RAM 16KB
Display capability Plain text graphic DOT 4 1024 × 1024 1024 × 1024 dots 4 planes (512 × 512 dot 16 planes).
Sound function Sound FM: 2ch stereo, 8 octaves, chords simultaneous dual-speech output 8: AD PCM (Adaptive Differential PCM)
Floppy Disk Drive 1.2MB 3.5-inch 2HD type floppy disk drive (auto load / auto eject) with two
Input device Mouse, keyboard ASCII-compliant
Interface Printer (Centronics compliant companies) / Joystick (2)
/ RS input / output audio analog RGB-232C
/ SCSI floppy disk inputs / mouse / external image
Socket Sockets for additional RAM
Expansion I/O Slot 2 internal slots (10MHz drive)
OS • Languages Human68k, X-BASIC, SX-WINDOW
Power consumption Rated 26W (56W or less Standby 4W max.)
Dimensions Weight Body: 260 mm depth of 4.2 kg Width 330 × height 78 ×
Keyboard: 170 mm 0.95 kg Width 380 × height 38 × depth
Mouse: 97 mm 0.11 kg Width 63 × depth 37 × height
Mouse Bundled
Bundled software SX-WINDOW, Human68k ver2.0)
X-BASIC, dictionary, Japanese word processor as well
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