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The goal here is to have a working external SCSI solution for the X68000. This is especially handy for individuals that have multiple X68K (easier to move the device between them) or update the flash drive often. Some X68000 systems don't even support internal hard drives without a lot of hacking (Compact, Red Zone, etc.)

The instructions below cover both newer SCSI based X68000 machines as well as older SASI based machines. You need to know if you have a SASI or SCSI machine; you should not attempt the SASI instructions on a SCSI machine. The SCSI instructions will not work on a SASI machines either.


The cable is the most difficult part. Some X68000 machines have the original SCSI-1 CN-50 connector. Others use the SCSI-2 external Centronics (MC-50) connector. You will require a cable that converts from your X68000 external SCSI port to the 25 pin SCSI-1 port on the SCSI2SD.

Some things to keep in mind:

Software setup:

1) [SASI] Create system boot disk that will install SASI boot loader into SRAM:

2) [SASI] Install SASI boot loader

     cd sxsi
     Enter: ED0100    (this is the memory address in SRAM for the boot loader)
     Enter: 5         (wait 5 seconds before searching for SCSI boot devices)
     with arrow keys, scroll down to BOOT and press ENTER
     Use spacebar to set it to: ROM $ED0100
        - You are telling it to start the SASI boot loader!
     Press Enter, and scroll all the way to the bottom
     Press Y to save settings

3) Create Hard Drive image on micro SD card:

Hardware setup:

1) Update and configure the SCSI2SD device

     firmware/ <--- download latest firmware for the SCSI2SD 5.x device 
     scsi2sd-util  <-- download the setup utility 
     Startup delay = 0
     SCSI selection Delay = 255
     all options should be disabled
     enable SCSI-2 support
     Device is enabled
     SCSI ID = 3
     Device Type = Hard Drive
     SD card start sector = 0
     sector size = 512
     sector count = 2048000
     Device is enabled
     SCSI ID = 0
     Device Type = Hard Drive
     SD card start sector = 0
     sector size = 512
     sector count = 2048000

2) Put it all together


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