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LHES Tutorial

Long time ago, in a country far away, very talented man called M.Iwasaki (SPHERE) created very powerfull Filer (file commander) which was way ahead of its time. This great marvel of software was later translated by Eidis and included in the HDD Image V4. LHES, if properly used, allows us to quickly execute mundane tasks and makes the whole X68000 experience much more enjoyable. This article will try to cover the most important and basic aspects of it.

Main screen and Hotkeys

Upon launching, you will be greeted with the following screen:

Main screen

The functions, which can be seen at the very bottom of the screen, are mapped to F1 - F10 keys. You can get an alternative set of functions by pressing the SHIFT key.

LHES is mostly used for the following things:

  • Launching files
  • Copying files/directories
  • Moving files/directories
  • Editing files
  • Archiving/Extracting files/directories


Arrow keys Up and Down key will highlight the next or previous file/directory. Left and Right keys act as PageUp and PageDown
Enter Show contents of highlighted directory or execute highlighted file
Backspace Go up one directory
NumPad 1 Change to previous drive
NumPad 3 Change to next drive
L Change disk drive with drive selector
I Show disk information
HELP Show available Hotkeys

Selecting Files/Directories

Space Select files/directories
CLR (NumLock) Select or deselect all files in the current directory

Manipulating Files/Directories

C Copy file/directory
M Move file/directory
DEL Delete highlighted or selected files/directories
K Create directory
R Rename file/directory
A Change file attributes

Viewing/Editing files

V View file
SHIFT+V View file as Hex dump
E Edit file
SHIFT+E Edit new file

Creating/Extracting archives

F5 Change compression/decompression/temp path
F1 Extract all files in highlighted archive to default EXTRACT path
SHIFT+F1 Compress selected files/directories to default ARCHIVE path

Few tips and advices

  • The most convenient way how to copy or move files is by setting the destination directory as TEMP path (F5)
  • Make sure that you select LHA (-lha5-) compression and “DIR info” and “Recurse DIR” when creating archives
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