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X68030 capacitor list

The following information was kindly contributed by our forum member Costa. All of these capacitors are SMD.

Motherboard capacitors:

0.47uF 50v C9
47uF 6.3v C37
100uF 6.3v C4, C15, C24
100uF 16v C3, C6
330uF 6.3v C17, C18, C33, C34

Daughterboard capacitors:

0.47uF 50v C207, C208
1uF 50v C201, C259, C262
4.7uF 25v C218, C219, C227, C229, C236, C237, C241, C252
10uF 16v C233
22uF 6.3v C203
47uF 16v C238, C239, C250
47uF 50v C244, C256, C257
100uF 6.3v C209, C210, C213, C215, C217, C221, C231, C251, C255
100uF 16v C225, C235, C240, C253, C254, C258
330uF 6.3v C266
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