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XSIMM10 memory expansion board

XSIMM10 (Ten X-Sim) was manufactured and sold from 1994 by Systems Research Ltd., Tokyo. It is a memory expansion board for the X68000 series. This product uses commercially available SIMM modules (not included) mounted on board, and is compatible with X68000 I/O expansion slots.


Compatible SIMM modules

The XSIMM10 board can be used with the following commercially available SIMM modules:

  • PC/AT: 9-bit (with parity) 30-pin
  • Macintosh: 8-bit, 30-pin

However, due to the vertical size limitations of I/O expansion slots, there are following SIMM module vertical size restrictions:

  • When mounted in slot 1: Height must be less than 15.3mm
  • When mounted in slot 2: Height must be less than 20.4mm

If the size is exceeded, the adjacent slot is unusable.

In addition, when used with the following models, you must have a 1MB of internal memory expansion board in advance and a total of 2MB internal memory to add more RAM.

XSIMM10 SIMM modules must have the same access time and memory capacity for each pair. The RAM can be expanded up to 10MB maximum.

SIMM modules with 4MB or 1MB capacity can be used for the first pair. However, do not use 4MB SIMM modules for the second pair.

  • A Pair (Aペア): Both SIMM modules can be 4MB or 1MB (You must specify the capacity of installed SIMM modules).
  • B Pair (Bペア): Both SIMM modules can be only 1MB

Dipswitch settings

Click on the following images to enlarge.

OFF = 1 is displayed on the board S1 and S2 Dipswitch settings as pictured above

Configuration examples

S1 Dipswitch settings S2 Dipswitch settings

Dipswitch settings were taken from XSIMM10 instruction manual, copyright by Systems Research Ltd., Tokyo.

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