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3D Printable Parts for Arcade Controllers

The rise of 3D printing has made it possible to create custom parts, often very niche, that would not normally be available. NFG has whipped up a few, and the internet is full of useful downloads.

Seimitsu / SNK Neo Geo Joystick Mech

SNK's Neo Geo sticks used a Seimitsu mech (or a clone of it) and is a wonderfully tactile short-throw stick, but it only comes with a square gate. HAMSANDWICH has created an excellent octogate option, which NFG has modified into a 4-way gate for use with older games like PacMan which do not handle diagonal inputs well.

SNK Joystick 4-way gate

This 4-way gate was released on Arcade-Projects, and is mirrored here.

SNK Super Neo 29 Candy

This adaptor is for the Super Neo 29 Candy cab (and probably most of SNK's Candy cabs). It uses the same basic panel mount as the Sega *City v1, with a much shallower depth. More info about this panel mount can be found in the Neo 29 Candy Panel entry.

This adaptor plate can be used to mount Sanwa JLF-compatible mechs with the 4-hole mount, as well as both 40mm and 50mm Seimitsu mechs.

Joystick adaptor plate for SNK Candy Cabs

Sega * City v1

Sega's Aero and Astro City cabinets used a 2 hole 96mm mount with a 75mm gap into which most joystick mechs can fit.

This adaptor plate will allow Sanwa JLF-compatible mechs, as well as Seimitsu's 40- and 50mm mechs. Because of the functional depth and thickness of the plate (10mm + 3mm respectively) it's possible that some sticks may not easily fit if they use fast-on spade connectors.

Joystick adaptor plate for Sega control panels

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