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Monitor remotes

model number matching monitors notes
GO555SA CZ-612D 19 populated buttons, 2 unpopulated
GO501SA CZ-600DE アナログ/デジタル button
? CZ-605D, CZ-614D 主音声/副音声 button

All remote models function with all X68000 monitors. It is powered by two AAA batteries and provides all of the features accessible via buttons on the monitor's front panel. Some additional functions of the remote are unavailable on the monitor's front panel controls, such as enabling sleep, or turning on/off the channel display. As an alternative, these functions are available through the monitor's DIN8 serial remote control port.


Dimensions: 57.81×124.79×19.06mm (including buttons)

Technical details

The encoding of the keys is similar to other Sharp remotes, using a 1ms pulse period to signal a 0 and 2ms pulse period for a 1. However, there are only 12 total bits sent (and therefore 13 pulses). Codes are sent every 40ms, inverting the last 9 bits every transmission (e.g. a toggle mask of 00011111111).

function japanese label code
tv/computerテレビ・ビデオ/ コンピュータ 000000100000
volume down音量 - 小000010000000
volume up音量 – 大000100000000
ch displaychコール 000001000000
hidden 1000111100000
analog/digital [1]アナログ/デジタル?
first/second audio program [2]主音声/副音声?
hidden 2000101100000

[1] GO501SA only, same position as hidden 1.

[2] GO???SA only, same position as hidden 1.

Note that the middle 5 bits are identical to the IOCS _TVCTRL call (and the bytes sent via serial over the REMOTE connector), in LSB order. Codes outside of what the remote sends haven't been tested but likely perform the same functions as _TVCTRL.

Hidden buttons


There are two buttons present and functional on the PCB but covered by the faceplate.

* Hidden button 1. On some remotes, it is populated and labeled アナログ/デジタル or 主音声/副音声, but it is likely these remotes produce a different code. The code corresponds to _TVCTRL $0f, “スーパーインポーズ及び コントラストダウン/標準切り替え”. On a CZ-613D, switches the monitor into a mode where the computer light is lit on the front panel, but the monitor switches to the video input. Black level also shifts slightly. It is possible that this is an overlay mode. Note that this mode is stateful and the button must be pressed again to exit. The monitor will remember this setting as well, however the X68000 will clear it on boot if the Remote cable is attached.

* Hidden button 2. The code corresponds to _TVCTRL $07, “電源オン”. On a CZ-613D, causes the monitor to blank for about a second, but only when computer mode. The monitor seems to not turn off, possibly because a signal is present.

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