Adding RGB to Consoles

[!] Video Primer
.....Recommended reading about video signal differences
[!] Caveats of RGB
.....An important note regarding RGB
[!] Super NES 2
.....The NEW style SNES has NO RGB OUT!
[!] Old NES 2
.....The NEW style NES has NO AV OUT!
[!] Super NES 2
.....The NEW style SNES has no S-VIDEO either!
[!] Nintendo 64
.....Fairly difficult
[!] NEC Grafx Machines
.....Fairly difficult.
[!] GameBit Screws!
.....Where to find those elusive scredrivers!

Coming Soon! Information on making your own custom arcade controller, how to convert a controller from one system to another easily, how to make a rotary controller for Jaguar, etc.

This information came from many sources, whom we thank profusely. As usual, this information is never complete but we've tried to make it as up-to-date as possible. If you know something's missing, or have the info for any system not listed here, please let us know.