Console A/V Pinouts

[!] Starting with RGB
[!] RGB, S-video and Video Primer
[!] Sega DreamCast
.....Sega Dreamcast A/V Pinout
[!] TurboVision Tuner
.....TurboExpress Tuner Pinout
[!] NEC Grafx/Duo
.....Duo/Core A/V Pinout
[!] Super NES
.....RGB, Svideo, NTSC, stereo
[!] Genesis/Master System
.....Genesis 1, 2 and Master System
.....RGB, Svideo, NTSC, stereo
.....RGB, Svideo, NTSC, stereo
.....RGB, NTSC, mono for NEO and CD
.....RGB, NTSC, stereo
Nintendo 64
.....Svideo, NTSC, stereo
21-pin JAPANESE RGB Connector
.....It LOOKS like a SCART lead, but don't be fooled!
Atari SC1435 Colour Monitor
.....This oddball had it's own RGB socket!
All machines Custom
.....A universal plug for all machines/monitors

This information came from many sources, whom we thank profusely. As usual, this information is never complete but we've tried to make it as up-to-date as possible. If you know something's missing, or have the pinout for any system not listed here, please let us know.